Akron Lanes Bowling Center

Welcome to Bill White’s Akron Lanes

Akron Lanes is an modern bowling center featuring 64 Pro Lane synthetic lanes equipped with the latest Qubica automatic scoring.

Plus, you can also enjoy televised games while you bowl – you’ll find over a dozen 52″ flat screen TV’s are located throughout the center, spaced every few lanes.


HERE IS THE LINK TO THE USBC WEBSITE  http://summitcountyusbc.com/wordpress/?page_id=231

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ADULT LEAGUES- Any combo of men and/or women

DAY    NAME (# per team) TIME #/ Wk (Cost/Wk.) Tentative Start Date**

MON     Roulettes Mixed Singles 1pm ($6) Year Round Mostly Seniors, win money with colored pins, making splits, & high game

MON   I.R.B.F. Ladies Trio (3) 6:30pm 14        (TBD) Ladies of all ages, Lots of Fun, Well organized, 12 Teams last year.

MON   Summer Trio of Fun (3) 7:30pm 14 May 2 14 Teams last year. All bowlers receive end-of-season prize money. 90% HDCP

TUES  Senior Trio (3) (50 & over) 1:00pm 16 ($10) May 3  1st Place $390 Last Place $210 Jackpots/Brackets, Party the Last Day Hdcp 90% 3 men or 3 ladies or 2 & 1 32 Teams last Year

TUES   Lousy Bowlers (4) 7:00pm 16 ($10)   May 3 Lower Average Hdcp 90%   End of Season Prize Money Add $3 per week and get a White Dot or Target Zone Bowling Ball at end of season.

WED   Wednesday Trio (3) 7:00 pm 16 (TBD) May 4 Great, Competitive, money league. $500 Added if more than 28 teams Limited to 32 Teams, Jackpots, Brackets, Eliminator

WED   Wednesday Mixed Doubles (2)  7:00 pm 16 (TBD) May 6 1 Lady/ 1 Man only $20 per Team 20 Teams Last Year Good prize money for each team

THURS Thursday Ball Doubles 7:00 pm 16 ($10 or $18) May 5 Pay a little extra a get a mid range performance ball. Prize money at end of season $10 per person per week or $18 with ball option

FRI      Casino No-Tap Mixed (4) 7:00pm 16 ($16) May 6 Knock down 9 pins on 1st ball = strike. Bowl with Cosmic lights on. Weekly prize money. Colored pin Shots for money. End of season prize money HDCP.

SUN   Sunday Ball Doubles Mixed (2)  7:00 pm 16 ($10 or $18) May Pay a little extra a get a mid range performance ball. Prize money at end of season $10 per person per week or $18 with ball option

SUN   Sunday Sport Shot (1) 10:00 am 16 ($18) May 1 3 different Challenging Patterns New pattern every 5 weeks Brackets & Jackpots For those bowlers who want a challenge. 4 games per week 2 – 2 games matches

YOUTH & ADULT/YOUTH LEAGUES (Youths= age 18 and under)

We can have a Peewee (Bumper) Division in any Adult-Youth League

MON   Monday Adult/Youth Hav-A-Ball (2) 7:00 pm 15 ($18-$22/tm) May 2 Just Bowl & have fun or pay $4/wk more & get a Target Zone or White Dot Bowling Ball

TUES             Tuesday Adult/Youth Hav-A-Ball (2) 7:00 pm 15 ($18-$22/tm) May 3 Just Bowl & have fun or pay $4/wk more & get a Target Zone or White Dot Bowling Ball

THURS   Youth Summer Camp 10:30 am 10 ($9) June 16 3 per Team, 3 games, Slice of Pizza & Soda each week, Coaching $10 Registration fee first week (T-Shirt, trophies. Prizes)

THURS Thursday Adult/Youth Hav-A-Ball (2) 7:00 pm 15 ($18-$22/tm) May 5 Just Bowl & have fun or pay $4/wk more & get a Target Zone or White Dot Bowling Ball

SAT     Hot Dog Trio (3) 11:00am 15 ($9) May 14 18 & Under Bowl 3 games and get a Hot Dog, Chips & Soda each week Trophies

SUN   Sunday Ad/ Youth Hav-A-Ball (2) 1pm 15 ($18-$22/tm) May 15 Bowl 3 games, pay $4/wk. more & get a Target Zone or White Dot Bowling Ball

SUN   Sunday Ad/ Youth Hav-A-Ball (2) 6pm 15 ($18, $22/tm) May 15

SUN   Pee-Wees Division (2 games) 6pm 15 ($14-$18/tm) May 15 Just bowl & have fun or Pay $4/wk more and get Target Zone or White Dot Bowling Ball

SUN   Youth Sunday Sport Shot 10am 16 ($9) May 3 different Challenging Patterns New pattern every 5 weeks For those bowlers who want a challenge. 4 games per week 2 – 2 games matches

*** Adult/Youth = 1 adult and 1 youth per team       90% handicap

*** Pee-Wees = ages 7 and under – 1 adult and 1 youth per team – bowl 2 games each week.

*** All youth bowlers receive personalized trophies at the end of the season.

*** Youth ages are as of May 1, 2016

Call (330) 628-4822 to register for a summer league or stop in at Bill White’s Akron Lanes.


The 300 Lounge is the perfect place to unwind after league bowling, or for a little strategy session before you roll. There are plenty of screens to watch sports in the lounge, so you won’t miss any of the action. If you are in need of a host for your company meeting, organization or group, give us a call at 330-628-4822 and let us help!

Karaoke in the 300 Lounge. Saturdays from 9pm-1pm enjoy the songs you pick and listen, or sing to your hearts content! Whether the singer is good, great or awful it’s sure to be a good time!

Higgins Scores “4 peat” in State Queen’s tournament held at Akron Lanes:
Former Canton Resident Jennifer Higgins went undefeated to capture her fourth consecutive Ohio Queens title at Bill White’s Akron Bowl over the weekend. The former Team USA player who now hails from the Central Ohio area, went through the Winners bracket undefeated to grab the top seed in the step-ladder finals. In the step-ladder finals she defeated fourth seeded Melissa Van Dyke of Cleveland who was attempting to go all the way through the step-ladder field to the title. The southpaw Van Dyke opened the step-ladder finals with a 253-228 victory over Amber Sells, Van Dyke striking on seven of her last eight balls. This brought into the fray 2000 Queens champion Kari Watson of Dayton. The match was never in doubt as Van Dyke tossed the front eight strikes to coast to a 268-193 victory. Second seeded Andrea Behr who was the last person to suffer their first defeat in the winners bracket was next up. A late turkey by Van Dyke sealed the feat of Behr 194-184. In the title match, the tall Higgins tossed a five bagger mid match, but then Van Dyke threw a four-bagger late to force Higgins to toss a strike on her first ball in the tenth, which she did for the 235-228 win. Higgins grew up at Imperial Lanes in Canton as Jennifer Petrick and she and her older sister Jossett were junior stars in the Canton area in the late 80s and early 90s. The top Akron area player in the field was Nikki Stiteler of Medina, who lost in the second round of the winners bracket to Cincinnati’s Stacey Fehr daughter of PBA champion Steve Fehr and Nancy Amlung Fehr. Stiteler then went into the losers bracket of the double-elimination event where she defeated Carly Graham, and Jamie Beard before losing to Blair Blumenscheid. Erin Jackson of Portage County was also knocked into the losers bracket by Fehr, she then won one match in the losers bracket before being sidelined by Kristie Hegedus. Barberton High School graduate Denise (Spencer) Hauenstein lost to Shannon DeWitt before defeating Heidi Sanders and losing to Jamie Beard. Stiteler was one of four ladies to fire a 300 game, doing it in the first game of match play. She fired 548 for her first two games of match play. This was the 30th annual Queens tournament, which began in 1986 and was won by Vicki Montgomery of Akron. This was Higgins, fifth overall win, she also captured the title in 2008 as Jennifer Petrick.

Our Akron Lanes Grille serves great food and pizza, with plenty of options to quench your hunger or thirst. Relax and join us for bite to eat (whether you feel like breakfast, lunch, or dinner).

We’ve got great people serving you, so relax and have a great time!

Our center features the Perfect Fit Pro Shop alongside TEN full-size pool tables in our sunken billiard room. Even better…pool is only $3 per hour until 5:00pm, and then just $6 per hour after 5:00pm.

Our game room has many fun machines and skill games…with some games you can win great BellyCard Rewards at Akron Lanes!prizes!

The Belly Card Rewards: Grab a Belly card at the control counter (if you don’t already have one), set up an account online, then redeem your points for free games and parties!

We have open bowling available almost any night, please feel free to call us at 330-628-4822 to confirm lane availability.

Inside Akron Lanes…

Tournament & Sweepers

Congratulations Tyler Meredith for winning the Sunday Sweeper at Bill White’s Akron Bowl. Bernard A Warren 2nd, Daniel Hawkins and Frank Testa 3rd/4th. There were 45 entries and the top 11 cashed. Prize list was as follows: 1st $540, 2nd $245, 3rd $100, 4th $80, 5th $70 (Jason Waters), 6th $65 (Nathan Lidke), 7th $60 (T.J. Charles), 8th $55 (Jay Pickett), 9th $50 (Eric Long), 10th $45 (Victor Varner), 11th $40 (Kimani Smith).
The next Sunday Sweeper will be Feb. 21st at 6pm, Scratch Doubles on the house pattern (check-in at 5pm).


The Akron Lanes Staff

The incredible family of people who make Akron Lanes one of the finest centers anywhere.

Akron Lanes Grille

The Akron Lanes GrilleAkron Lanes History

Bill White Sr. - Akron Bowling Proprietor

“I’m proud of this place”
– Bill White Sr.