Akron Lanes Bowling Center

Welcome to Bill White’s Akron Lanes

Akron Lanes is an modern bowling center featuring 64 Pro Lane synthetic lanes equipped with the latest Qubica automatic scoring.

Plus, you can also enjoy televised games while you bowl – you’ll find over a dozen 52″ flat screen TV’s are located throughout the center, spaced every few lanes.

WE HAVE TWO OF THE NEW QUICK KENO MACHINES: It is a new terminal that allows players to pick their numbers and “watch their own personal Keno drawing,” The numbers come up fast, so you don’t have to wait!

The 300 Lounge is the perfect place to unwind after league bowling, or for a little strategy session before you roll. There are plenty of screens to watch sports in the lounge, so you won’t miss any of the action. If you are in need of a host for your company meeting, organization or group, give us a call at 330-628-4822 and let us help!



We have a league for you! Anybody can bowl, it is great fun – pick out a day and time, we can place you on a team or you form one of your own!

Day                 Time                League Name         ( # / team)                   Tentative Start Date

MON               6:30 PM          Monday Nite Dawgs        (4)                                          Sept 19

MON               6:30 PM          Monday Nite Mixed Dbls   (2)                                          Sept 12

MON               7:30 PM          Monday Fun Club Trio  (3) + Sponsor Money

TUES              7:00 PM          B & B Music Trio (3) – (4 games) Sponsor Money $2000  Aug 30

TUES              7:30PM           Team Spirit League (4) Represent your favorite Team!       Sept 13

WED               6:30 PM          Lousy Bowlers(4) Any Combination Men & Women

WED               7:00 PM          Classic Products (4) +Sponsor Money                           Sept 14

THURS           5:00 PM          Goodyear Office (4)  Open to employees                           Sept 15

FRI                  7:00 PM          Friday E O W  Mixed (4)

FRI                  7:00 PM          C.S.D.  Fri. Mixed (4) Any Combo Mixed                        Sept 9

SAT                 6:30 PM          Misfits Mixed  EOW (4)

SAT                 7:30 PM          Village Tavern Mixed (4)                                            Sept 10

SAT                 7:00 PM          J & B Auto Service EOW Mixed (4) Sponsor Money 

SUN              10:00 AM          Sunday Morning Classic Dbls (2) 4 Games

SUN                6:00 PM          Casino No-Tap Mixed (4 )

SUN                6:00 PM          Sunday E O W Fun Mixed     (4)                                     Sept 11

EOW=Every Other Week


MON               6:00 PM          Rine Agency  (4) + Sponsor Money

TUES              4:30 PM          Local 2 (4) – open to All                                                  Oct 18

TUES              7:00 PM          B & B Music Trio (3)- (4 gms) +Sponsor Money $2000     Aug 30

WED               8:00 PM          Custom Polybag  Trio (3) + $3000 Sponsor Money

THURS           9:30 AM          Tallmadge Asphalt Trio (3)  + Sponsor Money

THURS           6:30 PM          Perfect Fit Pro Shop (4)        + Sponsor Money           

FRI                  7:00 PM          King’s Ind. Painting Classic (4)-Sponsor Money $2000   Sept 2

SUN              10:00 AM          Sunday Morning Classic Dbls (2)  Women Welcome  4 Games


TUES              9:30 AM          Gar Enterprises (4)

TUES              7:00 PM          Marko Car Care/Pro Web Trio (3)+Sponsor Money        Sept 6

WED             12:45 PM          C. Garrettson Realty Ladies  DBLS   (2)

WED               6:30 PM          Wed. Nite Ladies Trio     (3)

THURS           9:30 AM          St. Joe’s Ladies               (3)

THURS           9:30 AM          David’s Garage  Ladies   (4)

THURS           6:30 PM          Melton’s Ladies (4)                                                       Sept 1


Day                 Time                League Name ( # / team)                                         Start Date

MON               1:00 PM          Roulettes Singles (1)                                           (year round)

TUES              1:00 pm           Tuesday Senior Mixed Trio (3) Only $10 Wk

THURS           1:00 PM          Teamster Retirees (1) – Mix                                   (year round)

FRI                1:00 PM          Friday Senior Mixed Trio (3)    Only $10 Wk


SAT                 9:30 AM          USBC Youth Leagues (4) Divisions by Age              Sept 3

SAT                 9:30 AM          USBC Youth Bumpers (3) – ages 7 and under        Sept 3

SAT                 1:00 PM          All-Star Training (1) – Special Needs Bowlers             Aug 27


SUN                1:00 PM          Sunday Adult/Youth (2)         – 16 weeks

SUN                1:00 PM          Sunday Bumper Adult/Youth  (2) – kids 6 and under

SUN                6:00 PM          Sunday Adult/Youth (2)         – 16 weeks

SUN                6:00 PM          Sunday Bumper Adult/Youth (2) – kids 6 and under


FRI                  7:00 PM          Bethel Church of Tallmadge (4) E O W

FRI                  7:00 PM          Uniontown Methodist Church (4)  E O W

SAT                 6:30 PM          Harmony Baptist Church  (4) E O W Open to All


The G.A.B.P.A.* Senior Traveling Tournament stop on Wednesday June 15th at Bill White’s Akron Lanes had 24 entries and saw great scores and an exciting finish. Ray Holyfield led the qualifying with a 772 actual (257,290,225) for 847 with handicap (90% of 230) followed by Tedi Casto 680 actual (237,211,232) for 815 with handicap, 3rd high was Doug Gromley with 738 actual (257,258,223) for 765 with handicap and 4th was Ray Monti from Warren (a 1st year bowler) who totaled 764 with his handicap. Dave Druckenbrod finished 5th with 657 scratch (189,189,279) and 738 with handicap. The top 4 reached the bracket finals. Holifield beat Monti 211-196 & Gormley bested Casto 232-216 setting up the final match drama. Both bowlers started out slow and started to string strikes late as Gormley won the tiitle 211-209 by striking in the 10th.
The final payoff: 1. Doug Gormley $135, 2. Ray Holifield $105, 3. Tedi Casto $85, 4. Ray Monti $65 & Dave Druckenbrod $40.

*Greater Akron Bowling Proprietors adds $5 per entry to these tournaments.

The GABPA Sr. Tournament held on June 1st at Stonehedge: The Pay off from the last tournament (which had 22 entries) was 1st place: $125-Gary Galati 2nd place $90-Fred Rose 3rd place $75 Ron Rachel 4th place $60 John Baker & 5th place $35 Dave Hall. The next tournament is at Bill White’s Akron Lanes June 15th at noon (check-in at 11am).

The GABPA Sr. Tournament held on May 18 at Eastgate Lanes at noon had 15 entries and paid 4 spots. Bill White Jr defeated Bob Casto and Fred Rose to win the $112.50 1st place prize.

In the 1st Greater Akron Bowling Proprietors Senior Traveling Tournament Terry Heaton won the $125 1st place prize. In this 90% of 230 handicap event for 55 and older Bowlers.
3 game Qualifying: 1. Bob Casto 631 + 168 Handicap = 799 2. Terry Heaton 622+59=798 3. Gary Galati 698+75= 773 4. Fred Rose 669+81 handicap = 760 5. Carl Frame 600+156=756. the top four were seeded in a bracket with Terry Heaton besting Gary Galati and Bob Casto beating Fred Rose. Terry Heaton won the final match over Bob Casto by striking the 1st six shots.
Payoff: 1. Terry Heaton $130 2. Bob Casto $90 3. Fred Rose $75 4. Gary Galati $60 5. Carl Frame $20.

gabpa summer senior tournament form

Karaoke in the 300 Lounge. Saturdays from 9pm-1pm enjoy the songs you pick and listen, or sing to your hearts content! Whether the singer is good, great or awful it’s sure to be a good time! COMING BACK IN LATE SEPTEMBER OR OCTOBER.


Our Akron Lanes Grille serves great food and pizza, with plenty of options to quench your hunger or thirst. Relax and join us for bite to eat (whether you feel like breakfast, lunch, or dinner).

We’ve got great people serving you, so relax and have a great time!

Our center features the Perfect Fit Pro Shop alongside TEN full-size pool tables in our sunken billiard room. Even better…pool is only $3 per hour until 5:00pm, and then just $6 per hour after 5:00pm.

Our game room has many fun machines and skill games…with some games you can win great BellyCard Rewards at Akron Lanes!prizes!

The Belly Card Rewards: Grab a Belly card at the control counter (if you don’t already have one), set up an account online, then redeem your points for free games and parties!

We have open bowling available almost any night, please feel free to call us at 330-628-4822 to confirm lane availability.

Inside Akron Lanes…

Tournament & Sweepers

The July Sunday Sweeper had 36 entries and paid out 9 places and a total of $1,080. Phil Cooney won 1st place ($460) by beating Jerome Bates 231-190, Colton Riddle 276-201 and Dennis Kornacki 289-203 in the final. Dennis pocketed $200 for 2nd. Colton Riddle was 3rd ($100), Jerome Bates 4th $70. Ray Cook 5th $60, Kevin Daniels 6th $55, Bernard Warren 7th $50, Tyler Jordan 8th $45 and Patrick Coss 9th $40. The next Sunday Sweeper will be coming up soon, August 7th (Scratch Singles) so mark your calendar.
Results from our Handicap singles June Sunday Sweeper:
4th seeded Ryan Rinella defeated Ray Cook (4th $75) 209-206 and then Ryan beat William Linton (3rd $100) 223-220. That set up the Championship match where Rinella beat Matt Zitnik (2nd $200) 268-210 to win 1st place ($425). There were 9 bowlers who cashed 5th $60, 6th $55, 7th $50, 8th $45, & 9th $40 (will update with names when I get the info).
The next Sweeper is July 17th at 6pm ((Handicap singles).

sweeper 8-16

The Akron Lanes Staff

The incredible family of people who make Akron Lanes one of the finest centers anywhere.

Akron Lanes Grille

The Akron Lanes GrilleAkron Lanes History

Bill White Sr. - Akron Bowling Proprietor

“I’m proud of this place”
– Bill White Sr.