Akron Lanes Staff

Our Akron Lanes Staff – The Team!

Bill White Sr. - Akron Bowling ProprietorBill White Sr.

Bill White Sr. is the owner and has been in the bowling business since 1961 owning and managing several bowling centers. Formally a machinist and a WWII Navy veteran and an early member of the PBA. He was also a 5-time Akron Bowler of the year.

His goal at Akron Lanes is to provide bowlers with the cleanest, best operating center, with the best staff available and offer bowling at a fair price.



Barb LoshBarb Losh - Akron Lanes - TwinStar Lanes General Manager

Barb has recently been promoted from General Manager of Akron Lanes to Supervisor of Akron Lanes. With many years of experience in bowling, Barb started at Twin Star Lanes as a teenager.

She has worked almost everywhere in bowling, grille, lounge, control counter, league development, assistant manager, food & beverage manager. Barb, next to Bill White Sr., has the most bowling experience and bowling knowledge of anyone in our organization.


Dave Schwallie

Dave Schwallie, General Manager at Akron Lanes

Head Mechanic and Assistant General Manager with over 31 years experience in the bowling business. Dave started as a pinchaser in Canton at age 17 and is a graduate of Brunswick Pinsetter Mechanics School. He has installed lanes, pinsetters, automatic scorers and resurfaced lanes.

Dave is responsible for all pinsetter operations: repair, maintenance, employee supervision, etc. and works with the Building Maintenance Manager to provide the best facility possible.

Dave was also quite the bowler back when, and still holds the Portage County “High Series Record” with 878.


Daniel Daniel “Boone”

Building Maintenance Manager with over 20 years experience in the bowling business. He has installed lanes. automatic scorers, and built lanes from scratch.

His knowledge of heating, air conditioning, plumbing and electrical make him the ideal maintenance manager to keep Akron Lanes running at peak performance.


Scott at Akron Lanes


Scott is one of our mechanics and a Lane Maintenance technician. Scott is able to fulfill many roles effectively. He’s very flexible and ingenious, with many years of experience and seemingly never forgets anything.

He is a very valuable employee who knows how to get the job done right.


Shari Marxen at Akron LanesShari

Shari is our Food and Beverage Manager, with over 18 years experience in the bowling business. She started working at the grille at Akron Lanes (then known as Fair Lanes Akron). She has also worked the control counter and many other positions, including Assistant Manager at Twin Star Lanes in Kent.

Shari bowls in several leagues (at both Akron Lanes and Twin Star). She has several 300 games and an 815 high series.

Devin, our Youth DirectorDevin

Youth League Director Devin has also worked at the control counter, grille, and as a lane server. Over 9 years of experience in the bowling business.

Devin is responsible for our large youth leagues, coordinating the various programs, securing coaches, planning events and getting the kids all the awards they have earned.


Beth at the Akron Lanes 300 LoungeBeth

Beth is a bartender with many years of experience, and a former bar manager and owner. Beth’s sharp wit and charming style make every trip to the 300 Lounge an enjoyable experience. She has been with us since 2007.

SandySandy King in The 300 Lounge at Akron Lanes

Sandy is our Lane Server – she delivers people’s  food and beverages orders to them while they are bowling. This is a very important job in a center as large as Akron Lanes is. Her smile is infectious and her pleasant personality make her a favorite with our bowlers.


Dan Hausch at Akron LanesDan

Dan Hausch is one of our Night Managers. He is a long-time bowler and many of you may remember him from Twin Star Lanes. A life long resident of Franklin Township (Kent), Dan was a machinist for 26 years and worked here four years as Assistant Manager while AMF was in charge under Tim Barber.

His smiling face and friendly demeanor makes every experience with him a pleasure. Dan aptly handles all the duties at the control counter and is able to lend a hand in almost any other situation that comes up. We are very pleased to have Dan working for us.


GerriGerri at Akron Lanes

Gerri is our Office Manager with over 22 years experience. She can also fill in and cover the grille, control counter, etc. when needed.

Gerrie is very accurate, thorough, and a great asset to Akron Lanes.


Doris Day at the Akron Lanes Grille!

Doris Day

Doris is a joyful person and an outstanding grill worker. She is very accurate and conscientious. We are fortunate to have a fine person like Doris as a part of our staff.




William is learning to become a mechanic and a lanesman. He is a very dedicated employee. He never stops working. We can always depend on him to do a great job in whatever capacity needed.



Stew is our Accountant. He has his own business as well as coming in several days a week to keep our records up to date and provide the statistical analysis for business decisions. Because of his expertise and skill at reading numbers he has saved us $1000’s over the years.


Denny Cooley at Akron LanesDenny

Denny is our head janitor. He works midnights and is responsible for hiring, training, supervising the entire crew. He is a big reason why Akron Lanes is known as the cleanest Bowling center around. Denny has done this job for many years and has bowled here even longer.